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2005-05-04 - 5:57 p.m.

Thank you's and stuff and MD film fest

The Better Hollywood Gazette:

Be sure to catch the robotripping classic, Better Hollywood's "Robot-ussin" at this year's Maryland Film Fest on Friday May 6th at 9pm and Saturday May 7th at Noon.

A CD release party for The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad's follow up to Shitfever! had been scheduled for July 9th at the Patterson Bowling Center on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. The album's called HUGBURN! and it is positively bumpin'. The DMFS will be there to perform with friends. More on this as it develops.

Thanks to all those faithful patrons who came by the Patterson on Friday night and helped Better Hollywood take not only the Jury Prize at this year's CAmm College Bakeoff but also the Audience Prize, which after all says everything.

This year was some stiff competition with some really great funny films, especially one about fun and the humerus being the funny bone, I forget the name of that but it was a really great film that deservedly won one of the other Jury Prizes. Another notable film was "Fort Keith" by fellow Towson film student, Jason Henley. This film simply isn't getting the respect it deserves locally, but if you can check it out sometime you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's fuckin funny I tell ya.

Anyway, I didn't quite get to thank the people I wanted to when I was drunk on stage receiving an assload of prizes but I mine as well do it here:

Erica: there's a reason why all this film shit seems to keep picking up, and now there is no end to all the crazy events and film type stuff to do. You are the driving force, I'm trying to make you laugh all the time. Thanks you.

Ryan and Tracey: Hey my films look a ga-jillzon times better because of you two, and you force me not to slack so much, and eventually not drink so much. Thanks you.

Mike: You got the website up and running, AND you fell off a horse twice for that "CCAQZ" Thanks you.

Lisa and Michelle: You gave my movie gay street cred. And for that I thanks you.

Tim: You went against the no assplay clause in your contract to deliver an ass rape scene worthy of Deliverance and for that I thanks you, and owe you five bucks.

Steve: That psychedelic Yoda poster says it all and one day when we are rich and famous, we will take magic mushrooms and listen to his wise words, for this I thanks you.

Kevin: i know we don't hang out much, but i know you got a thousand and million ideas that we should get workin on that move way above and beyond getting bearhunted in my little movie. John: I believe I thanked you while I was on stage on Friday nite, I take that back. Well actually, I THANKS YOU, but you better make a movie soon goddammit!

2005-05-03 - 1:28 a.m.

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