Hey gang, this week there is this Baltimore Pride to go check out "A Special Message from CCAQZ" in Baltimore. That's right Better Hollywood is playing with Fassbinder, fuckin A.

Also, we're goin down to North CCAQZ-a-lak to show "CCAQZ" at Hi Mom! , so show up and bring yo ass!

2005-05-31 - 12:36 a.m.


Catch "ROBOT-USSIN" playing along side of other local and non-local sci-fi short films this Sunday at Balticon . That's right, so dress up like Grasshopper or the Robot and come on out and support us, because it's an audience vote and we can't let those dirty 37point5 bastards win!!! Oh and there is this:

2005-05-24 - 7:36 p.m.

We get around like Greyhounds.

Here's a snippet of what the Baltimore City Paper had to say about "Robot-ussin":

"By far the standout of this group is the shortest. Havre de Grave (sic) filmmaker Nikc Miller's 'Robot-ussin' is a three-and-a-half-minute jolt of mirthful energy in which a young black illustrator in a Black Elvis-era Kool Keith T-shirt draws a robot, swills a big jug of Tussin, and then goes outside and laser-tags this robot until it falls into a pile of scrap, all set to tracks from People Like Us. Nothing more and nothing less, 'Robot-ussin' doesn't try to make one iota of sense and succeeds magnificently, proving that sometimes aiming low is high enough to entertain."


Okay, now this weekend, there's plans for Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad to play at the FREAKOUT at the Royal on May 15th. There's also some talk of doing a show at Dangerously Delicious Pies in the near future. On July 9th, the release party of the new DMFS album "Hugburn" and Citizen Rahne's new album, "Blonde on a Bum Trip" at the Patterson Bowling Center. Food, bowling, BYOB, music, good folks, it don't get no better then this folks.......

Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday, specifically, we're playing at this year's famed Balticon in their film festival, and yeah, that does kick ass. What even kicks more ass is........

June 3-4, Betterhollywood will be driving down to North Carolina for the allustrious Hi Mom! Film Festival.........

And for those just tuning in, we recently just kicked ass at the CAmm College Bake-off winning top honors in both Jury and Audience awards.

Further down the road........a June 11th snow date for January's Hondance festival......probably some more DMFS performances.......more movie shit, yup.......here at BHP, we keep shit action-packed. We'll keep passin' on the info as it's thrown at us. S'allright? S'allright.

2005-05-10 - 4:52 a.m.

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