Finalist for the SXSW Click film festival.....

Don't forget CD Release Party this Saturday! See below. Ladies and Gentleman, when we thought shit wasn't gonna get better, it turns out that we've just been announced as one of the 5, COUNT'EM, FIVE! finalists for the SXSW Click Film Festival! with our short "ROBOT-USSIN!"

Now, SXSW stands for the illustrious "South by Southwest" film festival held in Austin, Texas. This festival probably rivals Sundance and Tribeca for being on of the biggest/coolest film festivals in the entire nation and WE'RE IN IT! God knows how many entries they had to sift through before they got to ours. They say on their page that they've recieved a record amount.

We are totally psyched about this and we're gonna need votes people of Baltimore and beyond.....oh yes, we are already winners in our own right, but we strive to be CHAMPIONS. We're gonna be on this and giving you up to the minute coverage like the shit was a hurricane raining Taliban all over the Florida coast! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!


On a less surprising note, today (7/3) I filmed the video for Brian Adam Ant's song "I'm so bored that I could cry" Click on the link and you can download the song. I met Brian a little under a year ago and he gave me one of his CD's. A lot of people say that me and him sound alike at times and I take that as a compliment. As an excuse to promote this music more and to shoot more PXL2000 and Super 8, I decided to make a music video for the song.

In the video, Satan and a cow have a trashcan throwing contest, the cow loses and gets turned into a steak. Pretty cut and dry. Once the film gets back it should take about a month to finish. Look for it up on the site by the end of August.


2005-07-01 - 4:56 p.m.

Music Page Update

Hello fans of the flute squad,

Head over to the Music page and check out some new tracks from "Hugburn!" , the long awaited companion album of "Shitfever!"


Captain Beefshit

2005-06-24 - 11:49 a.m.

Where we are.

There are still plenty of screenings and Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad shows in store for the summer, most notable is the one stated on the flyer above. If you are in the Baltimore area you would be a fool to miss this double release party. Free bowling, free pabst, and free music! There will be a few samples of the new album by next week on the music page.

Oh and....
Back Seat Film Festival! this friday at Creative Alliance in Baltimore. Come for "CCAQZ" stay for "Pleasures of the Damned" which looks to be a pretty kick ass movie.

And finally, since this is a news page, the Better Hollywood crew is doing better than every and working harder than a motherfucker on these films just for YOU. Mike is hard at working building the largest model of a squirting cock for the working titled short film "Penis Redux" (stills from the building of this monster cock will be posted once we have something noteworthy to photograph). Meanwhile I'm gathering stills for the short "Big Check!" and have a shoot coming up for a music video to Brian Adam Ant's song "I'm so bored that I could cry." It's safe to say that this summer Better Hollywood has more stamina than a hooker on New Year's Eve.


2005-06-20 - 11:09 p.m.

Happy belated updates!

Alright folks,

First and foremost, on behalf of BHP, I'd like to thank everybody that participated, volunteered, showed up, made pancakes, got copies of our DVDs, drank and sat down and watched an astounding amount of great short films at the Hi Mom! Film Festival down in Chapel Hill, NC. Special shout outs go to my main man, Waters who drove down from Roanoke and slept in a closet for two days (his idea). Uncle P, who I haven't seen in forever making it out for the trip to see his ass on the big screen getting bear-hunted. Herb and Erica, for keeping the drink/eat/consumption party train going strong. Khang, Matt, and the staff and volunteers at the Hi Mom! festival for treating us good despite our hillbilly-"ooooh free food!!!! TAKE THAT SHIT!" tendencies. Also, I would like to also give a lil personal shout-out to the gas station in VA that sold the NIGHT TRAIN EXPRESS that pulled me into station after it's quick consumption and made me miss the whole entire outdoor screening, passed out outside like a poor, lonely hobo.

There's so many good memories and we got alot of video of stupid stuff and we may or may not post some highlights of that on the site, but just a quick summary: Booze, 10+ meals in 2 days consisting of biscuits, cake batter shakes, pitas, chinese food, double breakfasts, yoo-hoo, and baby torso-sized burritos. We consumed so much food and drink down there, it was like school was out at the fat camp.

There were so many great films there. I can honestly say that none of them completely abhorred my tastes or senses. And coming from me, and the whole building experience of the "scene", that is a feeling you all too often sadly expect. So, that was a very pleasant surprise to see such quality works from all over being presented at the film festival. It kicked ass period and we were awfully glad to be a part of it.

Now, tonite we have just learned that we have tied for GRAND PRIZE of the festival!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is indeed, quite a shock to us and we are definitely honored to recieve this award, especially amongst a serious shitload of great short films from all over the country and even from other countries. It's quite an honor and by far, this is the greatest praise we have received ever and all I can say folks, we're gonna keep giving it to you harder, hotter, and heavier.


2005-06-10 - 9:47 p.m.

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